The Best Door Locks for Rental Properties

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Many landlords find door locks to be an essential part of maintaining their rental properties. Not just for security, door locks are also very helpful when it comes to room access and privacy. There are door hardware options that can achieve both security and accessibility at the same time, so landlords should choose door locks wisely.

Whether you own a condo or apartment complex with several units or you manage vacation rentals during the off-season, nothing is more crucial than securing your real estate investments. While door locks serve other purposes as well, such as providing privacy for tenants’ rooms inside their condos/apartments and guest rooms in vacation rentals, door locks should also prioritize security.

Here are some of the top door locks you can choose from:

5. The Traditional Key-in-Knob Lockset – This door lock is very common in residential buildings, and it is very simple to use since all a user has to do is turn their key and push or pull (depending on whether the door opens inward or outward) for it to open. Since this door lock uses a key, renters must provide their own set of keys for door entry access. However, there may be concerns about lost keys by tenants who often have access to these door locks. In addition, keys themselves come with drawbacks such as possible duplication or loss by unauthorized parties.

4. Electronic Keyless Deadbolt Locks – Another door lock that can secure rental properties is the electronic keyless deadbolt door lockset. These door locks are mostly installed at homes and condos, but some business owners also use them for added security. The door doesn’t have a visible doorknob on its exterior side since it has a touchpad instead. To get in, renters must enter their personal code on the keypad before they can turn or push down the door handle to open the door from the inside of the apartment/condo/home/office building. This door lock comes with a couple of benefits: an authorized user’s code will always work even if someone copies their keys without permission, and there is no need to worry about lost or stolen keys since renters have their own access codes. However, if a user forgets their code, the door will remain locked and they cannot get in since there is no room for error with door entry codes.

3. Mortise Lockset – These door locks are popular in business buildings because of their high level of security. They use a doorknob on the exterior side as well as a locking mechanism from the interior side, making it difficult to pick or bump open from the outside. In addition to providing added security, mortise door locks come with different key styles which is helpful for management teams that need master keys or certain employees who need additional keys. This type of door lock and the door hardware will require expert installation so landlords need to hire a professional door hardware installation company.

2. Multi-Point Locksets – These door locks are best for offices and other business buildings since they have a latch inside the door as well as a deadbolt from the exterior side of the door. In addition, landlords can have this door hardware installed so that there is no gap between the door and jamb for more security. While it provides a higher level of security, these door locks may pose some inconvenience to users who need to lock and unlock several entry points on their door (e.g., an office might need 3 sets of locking doors, one at each entrance).

1. Digital Keyless Locks, so we have at #1 digital keyless locks that allow tenants with electronic access keys to get in without having to worry about losing, forgetting, or getting locked out of their door locks. Door lock suppliers like us will offer selections of keyless door locks with different levels of access security so landlords can have the top door locks installed at their properties to prioritize tenant safety and convenience.

Landlords, property owners, and vacationers alike should consider getting a door lock that is custom to their needs. Whether you need something high-tech or just want your locks changed out once in a while, we have a solution for everyone’s budget! We offer the best deals on hardware and installation because Jefferson Locksmiths wants you to be safe at home too. So if you’re looking for a new set of locks with some bells and whistles, give us a call today.

Our team of experts can help you find the best door lock for your business, apartment complex, or vacation rental. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite locks to get you started but if these don’t meet your needs, we’ll work with you on finding one that does!

Have any favorites not listed here? Let us know in the comments below and we may add it to our next blog post!

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