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Need your business unlocked, or have your locks changed or replaced?  We can help!

Whether you’re a customer-facing business or do your best work inside your offices, your security is of utmost importance. But what happens when an employee loses a key, or one of your locks stops working? We do same-day emergency work and can dispatch a locksmith to help you right away, keeping you from losing valuable work time and losing customers. Whether you need to quickly get inside your business or repair/replace a faulty lock, we can help with all your lock needs.

Need something unlocked inside your office? We also do all kinds of office unlocks, including interior office doors, filing cabinets, and more.

When it comes to commercial locksmith services, you need to hire a professional team that has experience with a full range of services. For any business entity, security is essential, and you need to know that you will never be locked out or have to deal with broken locks, jammed file cabinets, or inefficient key systems. Our menu of services for business owners is comprehensive and includes the following.

Commercial Locksmith Service Does Business Unlocks

Locked out of your business and need in quickly?  We can help!

Whether one of your employees lost a key, or you simply left a key inside your business, we understand that time is money, and every second you waste outside is a second that your business isn’t operating. We have locksmiths on call 24/7 who can get to you and unlock your business within minutes.

Even if you’re inside your business, a locked filing cabinet, high-security locks, mailbox, safe, desk, or interior door can be a major inconvenience. We do all kinds of unlocking and unlock services, just give us a call and let us know what you need! Best professional commercial security locksmiths in the Philly & suburban area provide top-notch commercial service.

Owners, managers, and workers lock themselves out of offices frequently and call our team to get them back in.

Business Re-Keys & Master Key Systems

What happens when your security has been compromised, and you need a new key to your business?

No matter the reason for needing your business locks changed, we understand that you want it taken care of in a hurry. Security is one of the top concerns for every business, and whether an employee lost a key or your key has been compromised, rekeying your business becomes a top priority. We do both scheduled rekeys and same-day, emergency commercial rekeys, so no matter how soon you need your business rekeyed – we can be there.

Is your business a part of a complex with a master key system? Our locksmiths are skilled at rekeying both individual business keys and master key systems. Not sure if you need your locks rekeyed or changed? One of our locksmiths can advise you on the best option to secure your business, giving you the information you need to decide.

We can commercially re-key any lock for your office space so you can have the peace of mind that there are no “extra keys” floating around out there.

Commercial Lock Repairs & Replacements

Has one of your business locks been damaged?  Whether you need it repaired or replaced, we’ve got the solution.

Our locksmiths are trained to handle all kinds of business locks, including exit push bars. What if your whole business needs to be outfitted with new locks, and you don’t want to do it while customers are present? Our locksmiths are on call 24/7, and we work around your schedule to find the best time for lock repairs and replacements.

There are countless types of commercial lock systems, so if you aren’t sure what you need or what repairs are required, don’t hesitate to ask. Our locksmiths will consult with you over the phone before arriving, to ensure they have the needed locks and to help you understand what kind of work is needed.

Do you have multiple locations or clients that need lock services? If you’re a multi-location business or a realtor looking to partner with a local locksmith company for all lock needs, we would love to help! Just give us a call and let us know your situation, and we can help you set up a partnership so your lock needs are automatically taken care of.

Panic Bar and Exit Device Installation and Service

Panic bars and exit devices are high-tech security features that we install for businesses of all sizes.

Master Key Systems

Many commercial businesses prefer to have master key systems for security purposes. Our locksmiths can create one key type that opens various locks so you won’t have to carry dozens of keys on your ring.

Hardware for All Types of Doors - Garage Doors

We can install special hardware to make your commercial and business doors more secure. Whether the door is old or new, our team can add to the security of any door.

Installing New Locks on Doors

When you need new locks on one or more doors, our locksmiths can do the job right and right away.

Repairing or Replacing Old Locks

Sometimes it makes sense to keep an old lock in place and simply repair it. In other situations, you might want to replace every lock on the building. We can replace or repair any lock you have.

Changing Out Mailboxes

Our technicians are able to switch out one or more mailboxes in your office.

Unlocking or Repairing Different Types of Safes

If you have safes on the premises, you need to know you won’t ever be locked out of them and will always have access to sensitive documents they hold. We can unlock, repair or replace any safe you have.

Opening and Unlocking File Cabinets

Locked file cabinets are common in most offices these days. Our experts know how to unlock, repair, or replace them based on your needs.

Cutting Off Old, Rusty Padlocks

Sometimes former owners leave old, rusty locks on doors and other items. When you need them removed, our team can do so quickly and easily.

Digital Lock Service and Reprogramming

Our locksmiths are trained to repair, install and replace any type of digital lock and digital locking system. Our professional locksmith service fixes malfunctioning locks that are digital or magnetic locks.

Access Control and Security Systems

It’s important to give limited access to secure areas and have your security system in place that only lets in those who should be getting in. Our commercial locksmith team can devise access control and security systems to fit your particular need. Emergency exit locks, keyless access, and all types of security systems we can help you with.

Commercial Property Emergency Locksmith Service, Automotive Locksmith Services and Repair

All About Access Control

Effective security starts with understanding the principles involved. Simply going through the motions of applying some memory set of procedures isn’t sufficient in a world where today’s “best practices” are tomorrow’s security failures. IT security is a fast-moving field, and knowing how to perform the actions necessary for accepted practices isn’t enough to ensure the best security possible for your systems.

Among the most basic of security concepts is access control. It’s so fundamental that it applies to security of any type — not just IT security. Everything from getting into your car to launching nuclear missiles is protected, at least in theory, by some form of access control. Because of its universal applicability to security, access control is one of the most important security concepts to understand.

The key to understanding access control security is to break it down. There are three core elements to access control. Of course, we’re talking in terms of IT security here, but the same concepts apply to other forms of access control.

Identification: For access control to be effective, it must provide some way to identify an individual. The weakest identification capabilities will simply identify someone as part of a vague, poorly defined group of users who should have access to the system. Your TechRepublic username, a PGP e-mail signature, or even the key to the server closet provides some form of identification.

Authentication: Identification requires authentication. This is the process of ensuring that the identity in use is authentic — that it’s being used by the right person. In its most common form in IT security, authentication involves validating a password linked to a username. Other forms of authentication also exist, such as fingerprints, smart cards, and encryption keys.

Authorization: The set of actions allowed to a particular identity makes up the meat of authorization. On a computer, authorization typically takes the form of read, write, and execution permissions tied to a username.

These three elements of access control combine to provide the protection you need — or at least they do when implemented so they cannot be circumvented. For the example of simple access to basic system utilities on a workstation or server, identification is necessary for accounting (i.e., tracking user behavior) and providing something to authenticate. Authentication is necessary to ensure the identity isn’t being used by the wrong person, and authorization limits an identified, authenticated user from engaging in prohibited behavior (such as deleting all your backups).

Depending on the type of security you need, various levels of protection may be more or less important in a given case. Access to a meeting room may need only a key kept in an easily broken lockbox in the receptionist’s area, but access to the servers probably requires a bit more care.

Commercial Locksmith Services in Philadelphia Pa

High-Security Locks & Lock Repair
Code Locks & Card Reader Systems
Access Control Systems
Locking Systems
Lost Office Keys
Emergency Lockouts
Master Key Systems
Car Lockout Service
Safes Installation & Repair

What if your locks break and your key doesn’t work anymore? What if a broken lock is preventing you from getting into your home? What if that broken lock means anyone can get into your house or business now, leaving you, your loved ones, and your valuable possessions in a vulnerable position? In such a situation, don’t wait. Call Jefferson Locksmith Company for emergency services. Keep your home, business, and loved ones safe!

Commercial Locksmith in Philadelphia

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent commercial locksmith questions and answers

What is a high-security lock?

A high-security lock is a type of locking device that is designed to offer maximum security for a particular application. These locks are typically used in commercial settings, where the need for security is paramount. There are a variety of different high-security locks on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits. Jefferson’s commercial locksmiths are experts in the installation and maintenance of high-security locks. If you are looking to install a high-security lock in your business, or you need help repairing a broken one, contact local locksmith service provider Jefferson Locksmith for assistance and free estimates.

What is an emergency commercial locksmith service?

There are many reasons why a business might need to call an emergency commercial locksmith service. Perhaps the lock on the door has been vandalized and is no longer functioning, or maybe the key has been lost and there is no way to get inside the building. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to know that there are professionals who can help.

Emergency commercial locksmith services can provide businesses with everything they need to get back up and running quickly. This includes repairing or replacing locks, creating new keys, and providing security advice. Businesses can rest assured that they will be able to get the help they need when they need it most. One of the benefits of choosing Jefferson’s emergency commercial locksmith service is that our professionals have experience working with all types of locks and security systems.

Do you provide commercial and residential locksmith services?

Yes, our company provides both commercial and residential locksmith services. We have a wide range of experience with both types of locks, and we can help you with whatever your needs may be. Whether you’re looking to install a new lock for your business or you need help getting into your house after you’ve locked yourself out, we’re here to help.

What is lock snapping and how to prevent it?

Lock snapping is a method of forced entry that involves breaking the cylinder of a lock with a sharp object. This can be done in a matter of seconds and leaves the door vulnerable to further attack. There are several ways to prevent lock snapping, including using high-security locks that are resistant to this type of break-in and installing security devices such as door chains or bars. Lock snapping is a relatively new phenomenon, and most locks are not designed to resist it. The best way to prevent lock snapping is to install a lock that has an anti-snap feature, such as a pin tumbler lock. It is also essential to ensure that all doors and windows are locked when leaving the house and to keep an eye on any suspicious activity in the neighborhood.

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