When you need residential locksmith services in the Philadelphia area, we always respond fast. Our local locksmith service team is completed by the most talented locksmith specialists in the area. You can rely on us 7 days a week for any type of emergency irrespective of the severity. We are available 24 hours a day for all your residential locksmith needs.

Home Unlocks

Locked out of your home, apartment or condo and need in quickly?

Our residential locksmith service can help!

No ones likes being locked out of their house, especially in a hurry. Our locksmith technicians are standing by for emergency situations just like yours, and they can almost always get to your location and get you inside in under 30 minutes.

Are you locked out of something else at your residence, such as a safe, mailbox, garage door or RV? Our locksmiths are trained to open all of the above, and we can help you get in and replace the lock if needed.

The security that you live with daily is valuable. Its core tools and mechanisms come in the form of locks and keys, which provide security as long as yours are in order. Your residential locking needs differ from the needs of commercial or industrial buildings. Making home comfy and safe to be in is the objective. We have the steps laid out for you. All you need to do is get in touch. The importance of your home safety shouldn’t be overlooked.

A simple call is all it takes to turn it all around.

Our emergency home locksmith service offers a full menu of services, including the following.

Home Unlocks has been introduced to the home locksmith industry as an alternative to carrying a large supply of keys for their customers. Home Unlocks is the ability for locksmith companies to be able to produce one key for each they service. This allows them to open the door, change the lock, and provide the customer with the key all without having to worry about carrying thousands of keys on them at all times. Up until now, it has always been a real hassle for locksmiths.


Emergency House Lockout Services

This is one of the most common services people request from the residential locksmith. We get homeowners back inside no matter the reason for the lockout. When an emergency arises, call the best locksmith in Philadelphia to help solve your problem.

New Lock Installation on Doors

When an old lock is beyond repair, or if you just want a better, more modern device in place, new lock installation is one of our specialties.

Re-Keying of Door Locks

When you want your standard door locks re-keyed, our experts can do the job quickly and efficiently. We can re-key one, some or all the locks in your home.

Damaged Lock Repair

When one of your favorite locks is damaged, we can make it as good as new by repairing it. Old locks wear out and break after decades of use, so repairing often makes good economic sense.


Replace and/or Repair Sliding Door Locks

Sliding door locks need to be kept in top shape for security purposes. We can repair your ailing old locks or replace them with brand new ones.

Residential Rekeys

What happens when your keys are stolen, or you need to make sure someone with an old key can no longer get in your home?

We know your security is vitally important, and we can help. Our locksmiths perform both scheduled residential rekeys and emergency residential rekeys, so no matter the reason – we can make sure your old keys no longer work and provide you with new keys to your locks. If you’re unsure if you need your locks rekeyed or replaced, our locksmiths can consult with you over the phone and help you decide on the best option.

Are you a real estate agent looking to rekey a home before its new tenants arrive? We work with numerous real estate professionals, and we can make sure your rekey is done on time – even if it’s a same-day job.

When you want your standard door locks re-keyed, our experts can do the job quickly and efficiently. We can re-key one, some or all the locks in your home.

Residential Lock Repairs & Replacements

Has one of your home’s locks been damaged? Whether you need it repaired or replaced, we’ve can make sue it’s working in no time!

Our locksmiths are skilled at all kinds of residential lock needs – including installing new locks, replacing existing locks and repairing damaged locks. Not sure if your lock can be repaired or needs to be replaced? Our locksmiths can consult with you either over the phone or in person to help you decide on the best solution.

Changing Locks for Residential Homes

Whether you’ve suffered a break-in or have moved into a new residence, it’s important to change locks for security and peace of mind.

Smart Lock Installation

More and more homeowners are opting for at least one smart lock, usually on the front door. We install all makes and models of smart locks and set them up so they’re ready for use.


Keypad Lock Installation and Service

Keypad locks are a popular security feature that used to be the sole province of businesses and banks. Nowadays, lots of homeowners are choosing these high-tech locks for home security. We install and service all kinds of keypad locks.

Broken Key Extraction

We often assist homeowners whose locks are unusable due to a broken key that’s stuck inside the mechanism.

Residential Safe Lockouts

If you’re locked out of your home safe, our locksmiths can get you back in. There’s no reason to pry the door off or give up home. Our professionals get people into locked safes on a regular basis.

Mailbox Change-Outs

When you’re moving into a new home or just want to change-out your mailbox, our residential locksmith team can do the complete job and present you with a brand new mailbox and fresh set of keys for it.

        • Lockout Service/door unlocking service
        • Rekey of existing locks
        • Door locks changed
        • Installation of new locks
        • Lock repair
        • Lock replacement
        • Upgraded Security Hardware
        • Break-in repair
        • Schlage Lock Expert Service
        • Kwikset Lock Expert Service
        • Pick resistant lock installation
        • High Security Lock installation
        • Electronic Keypad lock installation and programming
        • Recutting lost keys
        • New keys made
        • Patio door security lock installation
        • Garage door openers reprogrammed
        • Master Key Systems
        • Security System Solutions
        • Emergency Service in Philly and Surrounding Counties
        • Deadbolt door locks
        • Knob door locks
        • Lever door locks
        • Entry door locks
        • Mortise locks
        • High Security cylinder locks
        • Push Button door locks
        • Keyless entry locks
        • Keypad locks
        • Padlocks
        • Sliding Glass Door Locks
        • Window Locks
        • Security Cameras
        • Automotive Locksmith Services
        • Car Key Replacement from Car Locksmith
        • Commercial Locks and Commercial Locksmith Service
        • Mobile Locksmith for Commercial Locks
        • Emergency Locksmith Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Locksmith Philadelphia

Most frequent residential locksmith questions and answers

Why should I use a locksmith instead of a hardware store?

Since most hardware store employees are not licensed locksmiths, they are limited in the scope of locksmith services they can provide. Locksmiths are licensed and trained professionals in the field of lock maintenance and security.

Do you provide commercial and residential locksmith services?

We absolutely do, and our mobile locksmith service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week!

How can I enhance the security of my home or business door?

The first step would be to make sure that the door frame is strong enough. Consult an expert and use brands that are known for their durability. Do not attempt to use new technology unless you fully understand what it entails and the possible risks of installing it. We recommend that you always go for quality!

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