What Is An Electric Strike Installation Service Company and What Do They Do?

An electric strike is an electromechanical device that works like a spring-loaded deadbolt. It is flexible in its uses and can be used to replace most locks for many purposes. When businesses owners are looking to upgrade their security, one of the most effective ways they can do so is by installing an electric strike on either an exterior door or entryway.Electronic Strikes for Doors

An electric strike installation service company installs these products using expert technicians who specialize in this type of work. This process typically involves creating new holes in doors where it’s necessary for them to go through, running wiring through the walls, mounting hardware inside the door frame with specific screws and other materials needed for proper function, and ensuring that everything properly so that the commercial or business property is properly secured. These types of upgrades can help to significantly increase safety and security for all who work on the property.

The Benefits Of Using An Electric Strike Installation Service Company?

The benefits of using an electric strike installation service company are many. For starters, business owners can eliminate the need for keys or physical key cards to enter their property after hours, which is a huge advantage if they have concerns about safety or wish to limit access to certain employees. Additionally, electric strikes are more secure than other locks on the market because they often feature tamper alerts that let users know if someone attempts to open them without permission. If you’re interested in learning more about how this type of system works, click here or call us at (215) 798-4787.

Why We Are The Best Electric Strike Installation Service Company For Your Needs?

We are the best choice for electric strike installation services in Philadelphia, PA because we employ only highly trained and experienced technicians who will come out to your business or commercial property in a timely manner to install these products. Our team understands that you need results so they won’t waste time reviewing installation procedures with clients when they arrive on site.Electronic Strike for Doors

What is the Cost of Using and Electric Strike Installation Service?

As with other construction and business improvement projects, there are many factors that impact the price of installing an electric strike system. These include whether construction work is needed to put it in place, how many doors it will be used on, what type of exterior door you have installed already (wood, steel, solid core, etc.), and the materials you choose (aluminum vs. steel). To learn more about how we charge for our services and get a better idea of your cost range, please contact our office today.

  • Jefferson Locksmith Company has been providing quality service in the business community for many years
  • An electric strike installation service company installs these products using expert technicians who specialize in this type of work
  • Because of its security features such as tamper alerts to let users know if someone’s attempting to open it without permission or other benefits such as keyless entry after hours, installing an electric strike is one of the most effective ways business owners can upgrade their security levels

How to Prepare for the Arrival of Our Electric Strike Installation Service Company?

When our electric strike installation service company arrives at the location, we will first review your needs and expectations with you to make sure that you are comfortable with our work before taking any action. During this time, we can also answer any of your questions about these products or services.

  • Jefferson Locksmith Company regularly updates its skills and knowledge through ongoing training
  • We ask that you be present during our work for various reasons (e.g., warranty purposes, safety concerns)
  • Our technicians bring all of the materials needed for the job so there is no need for them to return unless something is damaged or they have made an error in their workmanship
  • Receive a free estimate on the cost of installation if desired by calling us at (215) 798-4787.

What to Expect During and After the Installation Process?

When our electric strike installation service technicians arrive, they will begin by assessing your exterior doors to your business to determine where any modifications need to be made before beginning the work. Afterward, we will remove your existing lock and secure a new electric strike system in its place. This process typically takes less than an hour to complete.
– Jefferson Locksmith Company provides expert installations that have eliminated the need for keys or key cards to enter buildings after hours
– While some companies wait until they have several jobs set up before starting the installation process, we believe it is important for customers not to have their business disrupted so we accommodate working during “off” hours
– Our technicians are trained on the best practices for installing these systems so you can trust that we will do the job efficiently and correctly
– Jefferson Locksmith Company is a licensed, experienced locksmith company in the community for many years.

Next Steps

Now that you know more about our electric strike installation service, please contact us today to ask any other questions or to schedule an appointment so we can improve your security for you!

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