10 things

When Looking for the Best Locksmith in Your Area

People want the best as it holds more value, lasts longer, and ultimately costs less than cheap. The same goes for locksmiths. You want the best locksmith and security when it comes to your home, auto, or commercial business. From night, weekend, and mobile appointments to using GPS-monitored vans, here are the top things to look for when it comes to the best locksmith companies:

1. They Hire Only Licensed Locksmiths

This is key. You don’t want someone who is not a licensed locksmith by the state working on your house, automobile or business. The best locksmith companies never send out anyone who isn’t licensed.

2. They Don’t Use Contract Labor

In addition to only using team members who are licensed, the best locksmith companies only use full-time staff. With contract labor, you can’t guarantee they are properly trained and that your job is done right. That’s why you shouldn’t trust companies who use contract labor.

3. They’re Fully Bonded and Insured

Mistakes happen, but you shouldn’t be liable for them. The best locksmith companies are bonded and insured so that even if disaster strikes, you can have peace of mind that they will take care of any problems.

4. They Use Branded and GPS-Monitored Vans

If a locksmith shows up in an unmarked van and not wearing a uniform, how do you know that they’re legit? Security is an important issue and you don’t want to compromise it for just anyone. The best locksmith companies will not only use company-branded vans and uniforms but also GPS-monitored vans so there is accountability and you know where they are at all times.

5. They Have an A+ Rating with the BBB

The BBB is a go-to source for credibility in businesses, so an A+ rating with the BBB is a good indicator that a company offers the best service and customer support in the industry.

6. They Offer Night and Weekend Appointments

Most people work from 9-5 on weekdays, so the best locksmith companies will offer flexible appointment times to accommodate that.

7. They Have Locations Near You and Offer Mobile Service

The best locksmith companies don’t have one location on the other side of town; they serve multiple locations near you for convenience, as well as mobile services for people who can’t visit the store (e.g. when you’ve locked your keys in your car).

8. They’re Part of Professional Associations

Is the locksmith company recognized by its peers? Membership in professional locksmithing associations such as The Greater Philadelphia Locksmiths Association (GPLA) can give you further peace of mind.

9. They Have Excellent Reviews

What do the customers have to say about the best locksmith companies? Good things. Look for positive ratings on Google, Facebook, and other review sites. (Though be wary of perfect scores.)

10. They Offer All Types of Locksmith Services

From emergency lockout services, rekeying and new locks to security systems, gun safes, and programmable remotes, a locksmith should offer every type of locksmith service for your home, business, or automobile. If they don’t, do they have the locksmithing expertise they claim to have?

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